Floral Element – Who we are

Floral Element is a tenured group of medical cannabis professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine, service, and experience to registered California medical cannabis patients. We are passionate California citizens that strive to enhance the lives of our patients and provide a safe way to obtain medicine while raising awareness to change the perception of Medical Cannabis as a viable and safe medicine for an array of medical conditions.
Quality Ensured 100%
Fresh and Reliable 100%
Committed to You 100%


The founders of the Floral Element are first and foremost believers in the healing powers of the cannabis plant. We have all witnessed first hand the positive influences cannabis has had in patients struggling with terminal illnesses, as well as those choosing a proactive approach to dealing with and/or preventing less severe conditions. Therefore we believe that constant innovation, not only through new product development but also patient service and advice is paramount to both our success and the success of our patients. Its one of our core commitments to constantly improve existing products along with introducing effective new products so our patients can find something that works well for them.  

What makes us UniQue

The Floral Element has created a network of in-house medical providers, where we source 100% of our floral as well as extracted products. This has allowed us to maintain strict quality control and highly regulate production methods in order to create consistently safe, pure and potent products. Our remaining products, such as consumables and various specialty products are sourced from reputable and legal medical providers that specialize in a specific type of product, and therefore, we feel can maintain a standard acceptable for the Floral Element patients. Our medicine is tested for potency and cleanliness to perpetuate a full disclosure relationship with our patients.

Community Responsibility

We at the Floral Element realize that medical cannabis is not the first choice for many people or right for everyone. Furthermore, we realize adjusting to the presence of medical cannabis in the community can be difficult. We feel the best way to interact on the topic and existence of medical cannabis is through maintaining constant dialogue, open communication and educating others about the industry. We encourage anyone in the community who has concerns or who would just like to chat, to give us a call and speak with a representative about what it is that we do. It is our sincere hope to be a symbiotic part of the community in which we reside.