letter_aYou MUST have a current doctor’s letter recommending the use of cannabis as a medical therapy. You must also sign a membership agreement stating that you will follow the state guidelines for medical cannabis as well as the guidelines of The Floral Element Collective.
letter_aOf the varieties produced in-house The Floral Element oversees every aspect of cultivation from clone/seed to dried flower/extract. We typically use a pharmaceutical grade synthetic base with organic supplements throughout. We finish with an extensive end-cycle flushing to remove any residual nutrients. We specialize in both sun-grown and indoor-grown medicine.
letter_a If the need arises we use only organic solutions, and we never use ANY solution past the first week of flowering.
letter_aYes, our genetics are consistently tested for potency. Our strains consistently test over 15% and repeatedly over 20% THC. A note on THC percentages: We encourage patients to consider the plant as a “whole” made up of various cannabinoids and not simply a percentage of THC. The cannabis flower has many compounds/cannabinoids that positively affect the body and mind, more often then not finding the correct strain, with the correct compound structure for your ailment or need is much more important than over all THC potency. That being said… Our highest testing strain at the moment is our organic sun-grown Blueberry Haze, which tested at 25.1%THC. Here are a few of our most recent test results, however data for every strain we carry is available upon request. FE Flowers: Walter White 22.3%THC – Jack Herer 19%THC – Organic sun-grown snowcap 20%THC – Organic sun-grown Razz x OG 20%THC – Green Crack 17%THC 0.4%CBD – Bubonic 18%THC .5%CBD and coming soon organic sun-grown Cannatonic 10%CBD 5%THC FExtracts: White Ace 61%THC 1%CBD – Blond & Dirty Blond Sift 51%THC 1%CBD. We also put a high emphasis on terpine (the smell generating compounds found in cannabis) development, as research is showing, positively influences the effects of the plant. Enjoy
letter_aYes! The Floral Element is always looking for and testing the newest and best medical genetics. We also have internal projects as well as collaborations with breeders to develop the newest and most effective strains on the market.
letter_aA: Uploading your doctors recommendation and signing the membership agreement, fully completes a circle of legitimacy in what tends to be the grayest area in the medical cannabis industry, ‘the medicine to the patient relationship.’ With this system, we can prove that we produced medicine for you, you can prove that you have received your medicine from a safe and legal entity, and the medicine you received is burned – baked or vaped and becomes a part of you, thus completing the circle of 100% legitimate and defensible medical cannabis consumption. Its good to be good