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A great example of a letter to Livermore City Council

This is an actual letter written to the City of Livermore by one of our patients, if you are having trouble writing this is a great outline, and one we are very flattered to hear! Thank you for any and all support, we truly do appreciate it!



Hello, I am writing to say that the Floral […]

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A Call to Action! – Floral Element is the clear choice to bring safe access to Livermore!

Valued patients and friends: Although you may not have known, The Floral Element has been fighting on your behalf for permanent access to medical cannabis in the Tri-Valley. You will be happy to hear we are so very close to making that goal a reality! However, at this point we need your help… The city […]

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Floral Element Delivery Information

Thank you for considering The Floral Element for your medical cannabis needs! This is our most pertinent delivery information; its a bit lengthy but important that you understand, so please, bare with us. In order to streamline the member application and delivery process there are a few things to keep in mind that will make these […]

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Not All Cannabis Is Created Equal

The cannabis specimens on this list have been grown indoors and out, to painstakingly precise standards. Each strain was not only grown to its “recommended” maturity age, but was visually inspected daily in-order to assure full genetic potential. The nutrients used are comprised of both synthetic nutrients and organic supplements and are pharmaceutical grade, which […]

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Cooking with Cannabis

It smells like cannabis in Julie Dooley’s northeast Denver commercial kitchen. It’s not the pungent Cheech and Chong odor though. It’s slightly aromatic and not at all unpleasant.

Dooley is the owner and co-creator of Julie & Kate Baked Goods. Her company makes gluten-free, cannabis-infused edibles like granola and sunflower and pumpkin-seed mix. She sells those […]

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Montel Williams Opens Dispensary

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